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We are pleased to offer courses for Spring 2019!  These fully accredited courses are offered in partnership with College of the Desert and are transferable to any California community college, CSU or UC campus, and many private and out-of-state colleges. Enroll today!

Spring 2020 Course Schedule
January 27 – May 22, 2020 (Tentative Schedule)

BUMA 001 Principles of Management, 3 Units (T 6:00‐9:05PM)
The study of organization design, managerial processes, motivational theories, and current management problems. It is a study of the concepts of management in organizations and the role of manager in a technologically oriented society including planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The student is provided an opportunity to gain a contemporary knowledge in management design to improve managerial skills and ability.

NR 001 Conservation of Natural Resources, 3 Units (R 6:00‐9:35 PM)
A study of general ecological principles including biological energy relationships, biogeochemical cycles, population dynamics, limiting factors, biotic communities, principles of ecosystem sustainability, ecosystem change, and biodiversity. Environmental issues are examined from an ecological perspective and include such topics as: water availability and quality, fossil fuels and renewable energy resources, air pollution, global atmospheric issues, hazardous materials, and human population growth. Emphases are placed on the effects of environmental problems upon all living organisms, and the role of human beings in reducing their impact on this planet.

NR 001L Conservation of Natural Resources Lab, 1 Unit (F 1‐2:05PM 29PR)
This laboratory course is designed to supplement the Conservation of Natural Resources course (NR‐001) by providing laboratory and field experiences in ecology and environmental subject areas.

PS 001 Introduction to Government, 3 Units (M 6:00‐9:05PM)
Introduction to the principles, organization and politics of the National Government of the United States, including the study of State and local government. In considering government at the State level, specific emphasis is given to the government of the State of California. Throughout the course, current issues in American and State politics are stressed.

SOC 003 Fundamentals of Statistics, 3 Units (W 6:00‐9:05PM)
An introductory study of statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Emphasis is placed on acquainting students with the concepts underlying statistical methods and research approaches, basic statistical analyses, and principles. Topics include: data collection; descriptive and inferential statistics; sampling distribution; measures of central tendency; dispersion; relative standing, and relationship; probability; prediction; hypothesis evaluation; and test for treatment effects.

ASL 002 Elementary American Sign Language II, 5 Units (MTWR 2:30‐3:45, SIHS)
Further develops material introduced in American Sign Language 1. Increasingly complex grammar and vocabulary will be introduced, with the class conducted primarily in ASL. Equal focus is placed on expressive and receptive skill development. Students will explore simple Deaf humor and poetry, and examine writings by American Deaf persons to discover values, attitudes, and themes of the American Deaf culture.

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