Foundation Board Members

Robert PaullPresident
James V. FenelonVice President
James Fenelon is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies at California State University, San Bernardino. His latest book titled Redskins? Mascots, Indian Nations, and White Racism was a departure from works that view long-term domination of Native Nations. His works in progress looks at race and racism origins over 500 years, from the Holocaust of Hispaniola to modern English social institutions as the basis for inequality and capitalism in the United States. Professor Fenelon has published 35 articles and book chapters. He is Lakota/Dakota from Standing Rock (Nation), and Irish, having taught internationally, with indigenous peoples globally, and with urban groups. James teaches urban inequality, social movements, Native Nations, race /racism, and works with minority organizations. He is a life-long advocate for social justice.
Elinor ThomasSecretary
Valerie AldereteTreasurer
Alderete is a certified Life & Health Insurance Broker and helps individuals secure their financial future for their families and businesses. Alderete serves as California Indian Nations College Foundations’ treasurer. Family oriented and civic minded, Alderete received a BA degree from Cal State San Bernardino.
Robert Alderete
Julia Bogany
Bogany is a member of the Tongva tribe and serves on its Tribal Council. As the Cultural Consultant for the Tongva tribe, Bogany volunteers her time teaching. For more than 30 years, Bogany has worked with the American Indian community providing cultural, FASD, and ICWA training and workshops in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside. She has also led workshops in Sacramento for the California Rural Indian Health Board Woman’s conferences.

Bogany also teaches Tongva language and cultural classes and attends language workshops around the country. She has helped to reawaken/revise the Tongva language and helped assemble a Tongva dictionary. Her expertise includes years of training in Child Development, Indian Child Welfare (ICWA) and Native American Studies.

Bogany is also vice president of the Keepers of Indigenous Ways, a nonprofit group of the Tongva. She is also president of Residential Motivators, her nonprofit consulting firm. She also serves on several committees and organizations. In September 2010, Bogany was honored for her work by the Aquarium of the Pacific during its sixth annual Native American festival with a Heritage Award.

Steve Clute
Mary Martinez
Theresa Mike
Sean Milanovich
Earl Thomas, Jr.