Mission Statement

The California Indian Nations College (CINC) will expand the knowledge of indigenous students, develop their leadership potential, and support tribal sovereignty by offering culturally-rooted and relevant curriculum that addresses the needs of tribal communities and ensures the well-being of indigenous peoples. CINC will provide students with support services and specialized programs for the general benefit of American Indian students and other students interested in Native American people, cultures, languages, policies, and tribal sovereignty.

Vision Statement

CINC will serve as an exemplary institution of higher education that will prepare students to be intellectually and culturally grounded. CINC will empower students and their communities to preserve, protect, and foster tribal sovereignty and sustainable economic development. Students will learn to serve others to the benefit of themselves and their people.

Non-Discrimination & Non-Harassment Statement

CINC maintains a policy which prohibits the discrimination and harassment of one CINC member by another CINC member on any basis including, but not limited to, race, age, color, religion, sex, gender, pregnancy, marital status, national origin, tribal affiliation and non-tribal affiliation, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, sexual orientation, and ancestry.


The California Indian Nations College began with a “strategic planning committee (CINC SPC)” comprised of over 35 members and is a coalition of constituents from the local Indian Community within the Southern California region. The CINC SPC supports a vision to establish a two-year accredited college with a curriculum that incorporates indigenous culture, native language revitalization along with the re-institutionalization of traditional Native American values.

With the support of the local indigenous community, Twenty-nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, College of the Desert, and the Native American educators who serve on the CINC SPC, CINC has become an integral part of an initiative supported by UC Riverside’s Chancellor Wilcox and the UCR Chancellor’s Native American Advisory Committee to create this college for all indigenous Nations in- and potentially outside the state of California. Given this high-level professional support, CINC will serve as a pipeline for future UCR students and all other desired universities with strong Native American studies and culture.

According to the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, there are currently 37 accredited Tribal Colleges within the United States of America, with most positioned in the North and Northwest; yet not one accredited Tribal College is located within the State of California. Thus, CINC, located in Southern California, will be a monumental establishment for the future of all indigenous people in the southwest region and beyond.

With this said and with the continued dedication of the CINC Strategic Planning Committee, the CINC Foundation, and with the support and partnership with Twenty-nine Palms of Mission Indians, College of the Desert and the University of California Riverside, CINC aims to offer accredited courses in Fall 2018.

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