During the Summer of 2015, the founding members formed the CINC Steering Committee. The Steering Committee soon named the educational institution: California Indian Nations College.

Mission Statement

The California Indian Nations College (CINC) will expand the knowledge of indigenous students, develop their leadership potential, and support tribal sovereignty by offering culturally-rooted and relevant curriculum that addresses the needs of tribal communities and ensures the well-being of indigenous peoples. CINC will provide students with support services and specialized programs for the general benefit of American Indian students and other students interested in Native American people, cultures, languages, policies, and tribal sovereignty.

Vision Statement

CINC will serve as an exemplary institution of higher education that will prepare students to be intellectually and culturally grounded. CINC will empower students and their communities to preserve, protect, and foster tribal sovereignty and sustainable economic development. Students will learn to serve others to the benefit of themselves and their people.


A broad coalition of tribal and community members, leaders, educators, and scholars helped form California Indian Nations College (CINC) over several years of meetings held at on- and off-reservation locations. Both as a general committee and through specific subcommittees, this team produced the bases for many of the founding documents of the College and set it on the path to offer its first classes in the Autumn of 2018. Many partnerships were formed and the expertise and knowledge of this diverse group provided the College with a strong foundation on which to stand. 

In mid-2018, the College was able to hire is first administrative team that now works out of its offices in the heart of Indian Country on the Palm Desert Graduate Campus of UC Riverside (UCR). A strong bond with UCR led to this startup space and will provide the first setting of our courses offered in partnership with the University’s Extension. CINC is committed to growing into a high-caliber educational institution for American Indian students and will do so with the strong partnerships it is forging. The original steering committee continues to graciously volunteer their time and advise the administrative staff on the best direction for the College. 

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