Event included Native American bird singers and students wore full tribal regalia as their graduation gowns

California Indian Nations College (CINC) is pleased and proud to recognize students from its inaugural course offerings who are graduating from their respective colleges.

“These students took California Indian Nations College’s first course offerings in 2018 and received the credits needed to fulfill their requirements; and now we are recognizing and commending their achievements,” said Dr. T. Robert “Bob” Przeklasa, California Indian Nations College Vice President, Academic Affairs. “We want to recognize their hard work and celebrate this achievement through this event.”

The ceremony was held at California Indian Nations College’s headquarters located at the University of California Riverside’s Palm Desert Graduate Center on May 22, 2019. The event included Native American bird singers and students wore full tribal regalia as their graduation gowns.

“We are so proud that California Indian Nations College contributed to the education of these graduates who have worked so hard to achieve this milestone,” said Darrell Mike, California Indian Nations College Board of Trustees President. “Our mission to encourage and strengthen education within the Native American community is working. I’m so happy and so proud of these students who will be representing their tribes as they celebrate their degrees and certificates.”

Tribal elders, community leaders, representatives from University of California Riverside, and California Indian Nations College’s founders attended the ceremony. Dr. Sandra L. Kewanhaptewa-Dixon, Ed.D., Hopi, presented the keynote address.

“California Indian Nations College is meeting its goal to support the educational needs of our students. Their success represents the beginning of a prosperous and fruitful endeavor for our Native community,” said Celeste Townsend,  California Indian Nations College interim President. “Graduates now have the skill set and mindset they need to succeed; and California Indian Nations College is here to support and assist the dreams and goals of our students by educating, strengthening, and empowering each one of them.”

About California Indian Nations College

California Indian Nations College is a nonprofit tribal college headquartered in Palm Desert, California. Its purpose and mission are to integrate Native American cultures, traditions, and languages in higher education. California Indian Nations College offers culturally-responsive academic curriculum rooted in Native American values and provides personalized support to advance Native and non-Native student success. The college’s vision is to empower students to advance Native American cultures, languages, and sovereignties to promote Native, local, and global communities.

For more information about California Indian Nations College visit us at https://cincollege.org/, email us at info@cincollege.org, or call us at (760) 834-0593.

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